January 6, 2017

Galatians 2:16: “16 know that no one is justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ. And we have believed in Christ Jesus so that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law, because by the works of the law no human being will be justified.”

“You’ll never measure up.”  Those words have the potential to knock us off our feet. No one wants to hear that.  We devote our entire lives to being “good enough.”  Whether it’s school or work, we are in constant competition with the world around us. Will it ever end?

If you bring this same mentality into your relationship with Christ, then you’ll burn out before you even get started.  Galatians 2:16 says that we are justified by faith in Jesus.  He took our sins upon Himself because we would never measure up to God’s standards. Through Jesus, we are more than enough! Our good works are a response to what Jesus has done, not a means to earn His approval. So, run your race with an attitude of gratitude.  Ask God to give you a renewed vision of the beautiful purpose He has for your life. 


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