January 18, 2017

2 Timothy 4:5: “But as for you, be serious about everything, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

Let’s start at the end of this verse and then work our way back to the beginning. “Fulfill your ministry.”  What is your ministry?  Well, it looks different for everyone because we all been given different talents and abilities. So, part of your personality might be involved in your ministry.  Still not sure what it is?  Look at the phrase right before it: “Do the work of an evangelist.”  What does an evangelist do?  Tell people about Jesus.  So, think about your talents or favorite hobbies….how can you tell people about Jesus while doing those things?

“Endure hardships.” Yuck, we don’t like the sound of that.  However, opposition from the enemy is a good indication that you are fulfilling your ministry.  Just remember to have continuous conversation with Jesus so you can differentiate between His guidance and the enemy’s effort to stop you.  Not to mention, that quality time with Jesus will help you overcome those hardships.

Now, put it all together and ask God to reveal His ministry that He is entrusting to you.


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