February 2, 2017

Isaiah 10:15: “Does an ax exalt itself above the one who chops with it? Does a saw magnify itself above the one who saws with it? It would be like a staff waving the one who lifts it! It would be like a rod lifting a man who isn’t wood!”

Now, you might be thinking this is a really strange passage of Scripture….and you would be right.  But this is a powerful illustration. Each of these tools mentioned are worthless without the man who holds them in his hands and uses them for what they were intended.

The same is true of you and me.  We were created by God and His breath of life is the reason we are alive. He instilled a specific purpose in each of us. But if we get so focused on what we have done “for God,” and forget that He is the one who is orchestrating everything, we could be like the ax trying to fulfill its purpose apart from the man who provides the power. 

Don’t get me wrong, run your race with vigor and determination, but remember God is right there with you. He is the one paving the way and giving you every opportunity to make His name great.  Thank Him for His perfect plan that is already unfolding in your life.


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