February 24, 2017

Isaiah 66:1-2: “1 This is what the Lord says: Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. What house could you possibly build for Me? And what place could be My home? 2  My hand made all these things, and so they all came into being. This is the Lord’s declaration. I will look favorably on this kind of person: one who is humble, submissive in spirit, and trembles at My word.”

 The temptation in American Christianity is to get involved in as many ministries and church activities as possible. Being involved in ministry is definitely not a bad thing, in fact it’s highly encouraged. But the danger comes when our attitude changes from a humble desire to serve others to an arrogant demeanor of “look at everything I’m doing for God!”

These verses make it clear that God is not in need of our services. He did create the heavens and the earth, after all. God did not write this to discourage or put us down. He wanted to remind us that He is a big God. The cool thing is, He chooses to use us. He allows us to be a part of His magnificent plan. And who are the best candidates for that? Those who have a humble, submissive spirit. Check your heart today. Ask God to take you back to the humble place where all of your desires to serve Him began. 


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